2016 Designer Showcase


This Friday and Saturday, November 18th & 19th, we’re having our 2016 Fall Showcase that presents an eclectic selection of 6 incredible designers of fine jewelry.  From styles that are inspired by the world around, to prices that range from an easy gift purchase to a treasured heirloom – there is literally something for everyone.


Twin sisters Kimberly and Lucy have long had a passion for beautiful jewelry. The Dao Fournier brand name pays homage to their lineage and fuses the sisters’ love and appreciation for jewelry and represents the beauty and richness of East meets West.  We’re excited to have Dao Fournier’s first show at Windsor. www.daofournier.com


Hearts On Fire is one of the leading branded diamonds in the world. The company name, Hearts On Fire, was derived from the cut of the diamond itself, which features a perfect ring of eight hearts when viewed from the bottom and a perfectly formed symmetrical Fireburst when viewed from the top. The diamonds are incredible and breath new life into simple styles such as classic studs, tennis bracelets, or any diamond pendant and rings. www.heartsonfire.com


Wonderfully designed collections of Lowcountry inspired luxury jewelry offer adornments of elegance with a glimpse into our historical past of hand-woven, sweet grass baskets. Sweet Charleston is strikingly ‘Lowcountry’, unique in style and perhaps the only design team to offer hand woven 18K gold design work in the United States. www.sweetcharlestondesigns.com


De Hago is a jewelry line that is family-owned and operated in New York City, they specialize in the manufacture of precious gemstone and diamond jewelry. The De Hago works exclusively with a classic palette of rubies, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds of the highest order, De Hago’s master jewelers handcraft each piece with exacting detail, resulting in detailing so fine that each piece is admirable from any angle. www.dehago.com


Luvente jewelry encapsulates the unique moments that define a lifetime. These are the stories that we live to share – with smiles, laughter, and sometimes tears. You’ll find medleys of stones not commonly seen together that create emotion with different hues shapes and use of negative spaces. Luvente can walk fine line of creating fashion forward fine jewelry that styles as contemporary, yet remains timeless. www.luvente.com


Inspired by the evocative French Quarter of New Orleans, with its unique architecture and ironwork balconies, the Vieux Carre Collection of exquisite bridal jewelry features platinum and eighteen-karat gold with intricate diamond settings, hand engraving, and filigree work. These pieces are the heirlooms of tomorrow. Ancient techniques from the Etruscan and Byzantine eras are used today to create classic jewelry with a contemporary flair, in white and yellow gold with precious gemstones and diamonds. To own a piece of Eli Jewels is to own a piece of jewelry history. www.elijewels.com