Charles Krypell Show

Friday & Saturday, Nov 4th & 5th, we are having the largest Charles Krypell Showcase that we’ve ever had here at Windsor. We’re delighted to have Charles Krypell, himself, here to answer questions and talk about inspirations and the craftsmanship of his work.


The inventory level will be massive, Charles is bringing 4 different collections to our store, they include: Precious Pastel, Pastel, Charles Krypell Gold and the Sterling Silver Collection.

Precious Pastel : The Precious Pastel Collection utilizes the most sought after and rarest natural red, blue, pink, yellow, and white diamonds in highly limited designs.  This collection is very rare and it isn’t a collection that we have at Windsor  this collection on a regular basis.

Pastel  : Vibrant stones sourced the world over are prominently put on display supported by the bold designs of Charles Krypell’s Pastel Collection. Designs come to life by the hands of master jewelers who calibrate the setting of every gemstone and diamond exclusively in 18K metals. This is in order to give collectors an heirloom quality masterpiece containing the highest quality personal touch on every piece. A Charles Krypell creation is intended to outlast the wearer and leave an impression of one’s self for generations to come.

Charles Krypell Gold – Defined by intense carvings, disciplined angles, and perfect diamond placement, the Charles Krypell Gold collection is a bold alternative for daily wear. No 18K color is left out, as white, yellow, and rose gold adorn white brilliant diamonds in phenomenal displays of dimensional jewelry design.

Sterling Silver : Versatile and wearable, complimenting both casual and formal attire, the Sterling Collection has gracefully evolved into trendsetting designs and architectural masterpieces. Our sterling Collection has allowed Charles to push the boundaries in design and incorporate exotic materials with the timeless natural beauty of sterling silver to create pieces that help the owner express themselves in any situation.  All of our Sterling Collection items are Hand crafted and created with the same love and passion exemplified within the entire Charles Krypell range.