Weekend Among the Stars


December 4th & 5th, we are having our Weekend Among the Stars event.  You’ll see celebrity jewelry such as Bob Hope’s Cufflinks, Madonna’s Tiara and even pieces that are available for purchase.  That weekend will also feature the newest product from three of our favorite fine jewelry designers, Dabakarov, JB Star and Dao Fournier. This is your chance to experience some of the most incredible pieces of jewelry to ever visit the Windsor showroom. The showcase is Friday & Saturday from 10am-7pm and we will serve hors d’oeuvres.

The Kazanjian Foundation
The Kazanjian Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established in 1957 to support scientific, artistic, cultural and other worthy causes, with emphasis on programs for disadvantaged children and underprivileged youth. The Kazanjian Foundation, through celebrity Jewels for Charity, markets and sells the donated jewelry, passing 100 percent of the proceeds to charitable causes, 70 percent of the proceeds go to the donors’ favorite charities, and 30 percent of the proceeds will go to local charities in Augusta. This Jewels for Charity tour will showcase prized jewelry formerly owned by Hollywood’s legendary celebrities including, Madonna, Clark Gable, Bob Hope, Dean Martin and more.

JB Star
JB Star has long been known for their standard of quality and beauty in every piece. “Beautifully crafted jewelry is forever. It is a gift that will be handed down from one generation to another.” Experience the pleasure of wearing some of the finest pieces jewelry designed for the most symbolic moments of love.

The unmistakable look of Dabakarov envelops innovation, artistry and unrivaled beauty. Each pieces is exquisitely crafted, rigorously scrutinized and worthy to be called art. Dabakarov has caught the eye of many of local customers with a display of strong colors, ornate metalwork and artistic confidence.   

Dao Fournier
Twin sisters Kimberly and Lucy have long had a passion for beautiful jewelry. The Dao Fournier brand name pays homage to their lineage and fuses the sisters’ love and appreciation for jewelry and represents the beauty and richness of East meets West.  We’re excited to have Dao Fournier’s first show at Windsor.