Unsung Heroes


Windsor wants to reach out and salute our local women who’ve fought the war against breast cancer.   Breast cancer is no foe to be taken lightly, it is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in American women.  Over a quarter of a million women here in the US will embark on the battle against breast cancer this year.  We at Windsor love inspirational the stories of hope and perseverance.  Not all battles are won in the flesh, but many are won in the spirit.

canteen-detail-webIf you could use 500 words or less, would please share your story, or the story of someone you know or knew, in the comment section below on this page?  We’re sure that every one of these stories of unsung heroes will be inspirational, but the story that inspires and draws the most “likes” by 6pm on Friday October 25th will given a small token from Windsor.

If the story is regarding a survivor, the token will go to the survivor.  If the story is regarding someone who has passed, we’d like to give the watch to a family member or the next closet friend as treasured memory.

This small token is a TW Steel Pink “Canteen” Watch.  Many of our blackout style watches are sold to law enforcement and military (generally without the pink), but these, we find quite fitting to represent the good fight that many women have fought against breast cancer.