Results of Unsung Heroes

This month Windsor had a contest, but it really didn’t end up being a contest.  It ended up being a wonderful moment that we hit pause on our lives and realized what we had asked of folks.  Your incredible stories and personal experiences have moved us, we wanted to reach out and thank all of you who put those stories out in the open.  It takes a lot to do that and we thought about your risk of not “winning” when in reality, all of you have absolutely won.  You really have.  We had to change the rules.  Everyone that submitted a story is winner and we’ve picked out pieces for each of you.


Dwight Bowling
Only July 4th 2015, while many were preparing their Independence Day celebrations my beautiful mother took her last breath. For nearly 2 1/2 years my mother stood selflessly by my dads side as he battled his own health issues and silently ignored some of her own concerns. In early May my family and I sat with her as she was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. It was a difficult time for everyone and we knew we had a huge battle ahead of us. Unfortunately after almost 2 months in the hospital cancer and other complications won the earthly battle. I strongly encourage everyone to make sure the women in your lives be proactive and take any health concern seriously. Early detection can make a difference. To my amazing mother, I am proud to be your son and love you dearly! I will see you again one day!

Windsor presents to you the TW Steel watch, may this small token be a reminder to you of the wonderful memories you’ll always have of your mother.  


Karen McCarthy
I am a lung cancer survivor my sister is a breast cancer survivor our mom was not so lucky she had breast cancer lung cancer it had basically took over her body cancer is cruel does not care who or how old you are it can strike at any time but I am a 14 year survivor

Windsor would like to present you with a pandora bracelet with charm for yourself and two additional charms – one representing your mother and one for your sister.


Speering-Champy Shery
Through Cecil Herrins battle he has brought awareness to male breast cancer through various fund raisers and meeting with the Governor in July to declare men’s cancer awareness. Cecil in his battle has brought awareness to something most people thought only affected women. Our men should also examine themselves. We need to recognize men in this cause too. Cecil is a true warrior and would love for all that he has gone through to use his cancer to open up a whole new dialog to make men’s breast cancer a topic that needs discussing be recognized for all his efforts.

Windsor would like to present Cecil with sporty men’s Windsor watch.  We hope that we can keep him on time to his various events in regards to raising that awareness of male breast cancer.


Eva Lewis Foreman
I just recently lost a good friend from High School. She was only 56! She had just retired from a wonderful leadership job at Ft. Gordon after 33 years. She found out she had Pancreatic Cancer that was inoperable and died within a week or 2 of the surgery. She never had a chance to even try Chemo or any other treatment. It was a shock to all of her immediate family, her Church family, her every day friends, and also to her high school friends. I will speak for my high school friends, “We will miss you Renee Mary McBurney! You were so smart! Full of fun! …and just plain ~~crazy~~

You got a rotten deal, I will never understand it! God Bless Thea Berry, her daughter and Kyle her son.” God must have had a special reason to take you…and I guess we just need to try and understand! 

Windsor would like to present you with a Gabriel & Co bracelet that features purple jade.  The purple represents Pancreatic Cancer awareness we hope that it may serve as a token to remember Renee.


Laura Magaro Isaac
In June 2014 at the age of 41 I found a large lump in my left breast. I thought I was too young to have cancer. No one in my family had ever had cancer. I had an 11 year old son to raise, my nursing career to complete and my whole life ahead of me. Well cancer does not discriminate, it does not only affect those who lead a certain lifestyle. Luckily I found mine early and it saved my life, it saved my family. So far I have undergone 2 surgeries one of which took over 15 1/2 hours, I am no longer a practicing nurse but I am a FIGHTER and a 1 year SURVIVOR. I WILL live to see my son have his first crush, get his drivers license and marry his wife. I WILL continue to strongly promote early detection as when I learned I had cancer, that very diagnosis caused three of my friends to find lumps in their own breasts (two of which were also cancerous) as I begged everyone I knew to do self breast exams. I will support the cause as much as I can and I will support others as they are diagnosed and as they struggle. I will also live life to the fullest because tomorrow is never promised. Despite everything I will keep a smile on my face and a positive outlook. As I proceed with my next surgeries and treatments I will thank God everyday for the strength he has given me to fight this battle and the support and love of family, friends and strangers. Cancer won’t keep this girl down!

Windsor would like to present you with a multi-stone breast cancer bracelet for EKG Designs.  We wanted this bracelet to go to you… as a reminder of all of the wonderful lives you’ve touched with your concern for their health and education regarding breast cancer. 


Susan Scott
I have a very Dear Friend Martha Butts that is fighting this Battle of Breast Cancer. She was a English Teacher at North Augusta High School she touched so many Students in her life that will never forget what she did for them, She taught them how to fight for Good things in life now she fights for herself.She has given so much to the School, Church, and her Community, her Family and her Friends that love her dearly. A true meaning of a fine Southern Christian Lady. Would love to give back to her because she has given so much to so many.

We would like to present Martha with this necklace.  It features the breast cancer awareness ribbon on an enamel egg.  The egg represents the empty tomb of Christ and her faith.

In closing – thanks again, to all six of you, for opening up to us and we hope that you enjoy your gifts as a reminder of the journeys you’ve taken or the stories those you know or knew.  You may stop by Windsor on Washington Road to receive your gift from us, please ask for manager.