Guitar Pull :: Tickets for life

Consider it a “Windsor Style” contest, because if we do it – we like to do it big.  Here it is brought you by Kicks 99 and Windsor Jewelers.  You have the ability to win Guitar Pull tickets (2) for the rest of your life by registering here at Windsor Jewelers beginning October 23, 2014 at 9AM.  The deadline for entry is November 6, 2014 at 6PM, there will be a drawing and the winner will be announced.   This year the Kicks 99 Guitar Pull will be on November 18th and feature: Hunter Hayes, Joe Nichols, Thompson Square, Kip Moore, Dan & Shay and Dustin Lynch.  If you love country music, it’s an event you don’t want to miss and by registering at Windsor – you may never have to miss it again.

The rules for this event are below.

  1. All participants must be 16 years of age or older with photo ID to participate.
  2. Contest will run on or about 9am October 23 through 6pm November 6, 2014.
  3. Contest is run by WKXC Kicks99/Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc (“BBGI”).
  4. Registration method is in-store registration at Windsor Jewelers, 2635 Washington Rd, Augusta GA 30904.
  5. One entry per person per operating day, please.
  6. No copies or facsimiles of entry forms are permitted.
  7. No employees of WKXC Kicks99/BBGI or any employees of any advertising or marketing agency or employees of competing radio stations or subsidiaries, successors or assigns in the Augusta GA/SC metro area are allowed to participate.  Employees of Windsor Jewelers are also not permitted to enter this registration contest.
  8. All registration materials and information remain the sole property of WKXC Kicks99/BBGI.
  9. Winner of LIFETIME TICKETS (also known as “Tickets for Life”) will receive two tickets to Kicks99’s Guitar Pull concert every year for as long as Kicks99/BBGI promotes the Guitar Pull concert in Augusta GA.
  10. Tickets have no cash value and may not be substituted for another prize.
  11. Seating location may vary from year to year.
  12. Kicks99/BBGI will provide tickets to the original winner each year on or about 30 days prior to the concert.
  13. Tickets may not be passed on, willed, or bequeathed to another individual.
  14. Kicks99/BBGI, Windsor Jewelers or any other sponsor of Guitar Pull ticket registrations are not responsible in any way for any inconvenience or loss that may result from ticket winners going to Guitar Pull concert events.
  15. WKXC Kicks99/BBGI reserves the right to end this contest or change these rules at any time at its sole discretion.