Arsenal Oak Knife

It’s not everyday that local Augusta history gets infused with world-renown craftsmanship. At Windsor, we’ve went to great lengths in working with William Henry Knives to create the “Arsenal Oak”, a Limited Edition & Exclusive Knife.

The inlay is made up of 250-year-old wood from the Arsenal Oak once anchored on the campus of the Augusta Arsenal. The tree stood when President George Washington visited Augusta in 1791 and it provided shade to the poet Stephen Vincent Benét in the early 1900’s. The Arsenal Oak was lost to disease in 2004, but today, we are taking preorders for Christmas 2014 delivery.

How limited is it?  We’ve been told by William Henry to expect a 2014 production run of 25.  We’ve pre-sold several to date and we introduced it less than a week ago.

Stop by Windsor to preorder or purchase it online at