The CSRA’s Engagement Ring Authority


Most jewelry stores in America carry only a few hundred loose diamonds in their actual store. Most jewelers have only so many settings. Windsor has over 9,600 loose diamonds in our vault right here in Augusta, Georgia, waiting for settings and that one special day that signifies a new chapter in someone’s life. Seem like a lot of diamonds? Marry that to the over 4000 different engagement rings and the medley of combinations are nearly infinite.

As for style, our inventory lends itself to a different way of purchasing. We aren’t limited to a small inventory of engagement ring styles where the only option is to convince you of a style that we have in stock. If you like art deco, modern, vintage, simple, ornate or even a single stone setting – we have a selection of all of those and in several different types of metal. Your input on the style of engagement ring guides our staff, not the other way around.

We don’t consider better pricing or more selection to be our real prized attributes. Even if we only had 20 rings to show you, we believe that our customer service is truly the deciding factor between us and any competitor, especially online. Here at Windsor we fall in love with your stories. If you’re from the area, we probably have already helped a friend of yours or even your parents. We clean and check your rings for life and we’ve been known to size a ring and set a diamond while you wait. And lastly, we’ve worked vigorously to find several different types of financing to help make a purchase even more affordable. It’s those attributes that we love and those attributes that are represented in a little green box.

If you aren’t from here and you want to take a look around the store before driving take a virtual tour.