Steven & Mary Beth

Windsor Staff: Ashlee Sullivan
Steven came in early spring to look at rings for his girlfriend Mary Beth. The way he spoke so sweetly about Mary Beth made me even more excited to help him find her dream ring. First and foremost he wanted to completely surprise her so she had zero input on the ring. She’s outdoorsy and loves coaching softball so a ring that sits low was very important to him. He told me she doesn’t like things too over the top and prefers dainty jewelry.

We looked through the rings and narrowed it down to a few in his budget with all the qualities he wanted. As he was looking I asked him if he already had a proposal in mind. Once he told me his idea I instantly knew it just had to be in one of our commercials. The thoughtfulness and time he put into it blew my mind! With such a huge proposal planned I wasn’t surprised that he left to think about which one of the rings he should choose.

I jotted down all the information on the rings and was excited when he came back in and chose the gorgeous oval one. I insisted he come back with his new fiancé to give me all the details on the proposal once he asked. They came back in and I got to finally meet sweet Mary Beth and see the video and pictures of his softball proposal. They brought in the actual softball he used…he literally cut the guts out of a softball and put one of our Windsor green boxes inside it! Stephen orchestrated all these people to make his proposal over the top. He had different people on and off the field videotaping and taking pictures at every angle to catch Mary Beth’s face when he popped the question.

It was absolutely precious! It was such a huge hit we displayed the softball and his proposal story in one of our cases. Definitely one of my favorite couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and thanks to Stephen the proposal bar has officially been raised.

Here’s a quick video of how it went!

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