Charlie & Leigh Ann

Windsor Staff: Henry Bishop
It started as a normal day in Windsor and then I met Charlie and Leigh Ann. They were a couple that I could see right away that they were extremely happy together. That always makes the process of picking out a ring more fun.

When it comes to our selection of semi-mounts, it’s a little tricky to make sure that the couple feels comfortable looking at the selection. Leigh Ann started out feeling a little overwhelmed but excited about how many rings we had available for her. Then comes Charlie, we have serious respect for the man who wants to be in on the decision making. Many men play the “fly-on-the-wall” card just let the lady make the choice, but not Charlie. Charlie was not your typical boyfriend just agreeing with everything Leigh Ann liked, he was very involved with the interaction.

After going to process of narrowing down the selection, we found a perfect white gold setting that held a Princess diamond that just made her eyes light up. Charlie had plans all along that if she found “The One” he was going to find a way to get it for her that day without her knowing. Not an easy task, but we are always up to the challenge making this special moment – as special as it can be.

Needless to say, Charlie and I were able to successfully finalize the purchase of her ring without her knowing while she was still with him. How we were able to do this is our secret…

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