Ben & Lauren

Windsor Staff: JJ Wegener
When Ben & Lauren first came in to the store, they were so cute, maybe almost a little timid, at first.  They said that they wanted to look at engagement rings. We went over a list of what they wanted, style, a dainty band, white gold, or platinum, something not just like everyone else has.

We tried on some already finished styles, and didn’t quite find the right one.  We found some settings that Lauren liked, and I got some loose diamonds to look at.  We had taken our time picking out the style of setting, so I wanted to find just the right diamond to make it perfect.

I found a winner, and when I placed the diamond into that beautiful halo setting, Lauren’s hand began to shake.  She said “I just love it, I can’t stop shaking”.  We made notes of everything she loved, including her ring size, and Ben led her to believe “it would be a while”.  Well, it really wasn’t.

We told their story in one of our commercials, and Lauren was really surprised.  The are such a wonderful couple, I so thoroughly enjoyed working with them, and finding Lauren’s dream ring.  It makes my job one in a million, helping Ben make Lauren such a happy young lady, is truly fulfilling.

Here’s a quick video of how it went!

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