Month: November 2013

Our Black Friday Weekend Specials!

What are our Black Friday weekend specials? You’ll find them right here in our new. Also, don’t miss the mystery gift… it’s a fun way for our in-store customers to get a free little something.

Introducing Marahlago

You regularly hear us here at Windsor Jewelers say we’re constantly combing the globe for stunning new discoveries most of the rest of the jewelry world hasn’t awakened to yet. Looks and lines so fresh they instantly trigger questions from friends, and make you the envy of the room. Introducing just such a find: the rare and beautiful Larimar jewelry from Marahlago. Larimar? Unless you’re a geologist, chances are you’ve never come across it. Found only in the Dominican Republic, Larimar is a very rare blue variety of pectolite

Windsor’s Web Presence Relaunched

It’s been 4 years since we’ve refreshed our website. At that point, we were still focused on reaching a national audience and as an initiative that had begun in 2008. Since then, we’ve seen how much a good website catering to our area means, we’ve had repeated comments and new customers with left with unanswered questions from a website the wasn’t truly geared to reach them. We are beyond pleased to announce how much we plan to change that. In the fall of 2013, we’ve hit the reset button, added some new features and we have some new plans that will reshape our presence on the web.

Charlie & Leigh Ann

Windsor Staff: Henry Bishop
It started as a normal day in Windsor and then I met Charlie and Leigh Ann. They were a couple that I could see right away that they were extremely happy together. That always makes the process of picking out a ring more fun. When it comes to our selection of semi-mounts, it’s a little tricky to make sure that the couple feels comfortable looking at the selection. Leigh Ann started out feeling a little overwhelmed but excited

Ben & Lauren

Windsor Staff: JJ Wegener
When Ben & Lauren first came in to the store, they were so cute, maybe almost a little timid, at first.  They said that they wanted to look at engagement rings. We went over a list of what they wanted, style, a dainty band, white gold, or platinum, something not just like everyone else has. We tried on some already finished styles, and didn’t quite find the right one.  We found some settings that Lauren liked, and I got some

Steven & Mary Beth

Windsor Staff: Ashlee Sullivan
Steven came in early spring to look at rings for his girlfriend Mary Beth. The way he spoke so sweetly about Mary Beth made me even more excited to help him find her dream ring. First and foremost he wanted to completely surprise her so she had zero input on the ring. She’s outdoorsy and loves coaching softball so a ring that sits low was very important to him. He told me she doesn’t like things too over the top and prefers dainty jewelry.