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Christopher Designs 18 Karat White Gold Round and Asscher-Cut Diamond Eternity Bracelet

Lady's Christopher Designs eighteen-karat white gold wide eternity bracelet mounted with fourteen asscher-cut natural diamonds weighing together 3.14 carats and six-hundred and forty-four round brilliant-cut natural diamonds weighing together 5.40 carats. The diamonds are correctly proportioned, slightly included (SI), and near colorless (I).

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SKU 2000674
Metal 18K White Gold
Gemstone Diamond
Shape Asscher
Size (CT TW) 14ASSCHER=3.14ct tw, 644RD=5.40ct tw


Classic Beauty, Contemporary Design, Everlasting Value. Christopher Designs impeccably blends old-world luxury and style with modern technology. This is why Christopher's jewelry can be seen adorning the most sophisticated of consumers around the world. Renowned as the sole developer and purveyor of the Crisscut Diamond Collection, Christopher Designs has enjoyed many years of continued growth and success. As the Crisscut's 77 facets optimize the reflectionof light, it thereby increases a diamond's radiance and allows it to dramatically outshine a standard emerald cut's 44 facets. The Crisscut Collection built its legacy by featuring Emerald, Baguette, and Cushion-shaped diamonds, but now has launched a new version using the popular Asscher shape. This spectacular version of the Asscher also utilizes the proven 77 facet configuration and so has inspired an entirely new collection of jewelry called the "Crisscut Asscher Collection" Superior brilliance and fire are the signatures of this innovative cut of diamond.

Whether it be a gala event or a relaxing dinner among friends, Christopher Designs has truly captured the art of designing jewelry for any occasion. Experience the best of what jewelry should be with Christopher Designs. “There isn’t a stone that is cut or a setting that is cast in our New York City factory that I don’t personally inspect. We are proud of our work and stand byevery piece that leaves our workshop.” - Christopher Slowinski, founder, Christopher Designs.

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