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William Henry Geneva M1 1103 Money Clip

Geneva M1 1103 : Etched 'Brain Wave' Damascus Body, Fossil Mammoth Tooth Scale/Inlay, Stainless Steel Clip, Diamond Gemstone, Tension Mechanism

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SKU 5601437
Manufacturer William Henry
Collection Geneva
Body Aerospace Grade Titanium
Clip Stainless Steel


'Geneva' is William Henry's first collection of money clips. Money clips are often pedestrian; William Henry decided to design and build something belonging among the finest objects in a man’s wardrobe. Sensible proportions, gorgeous materials, and exceptional craftsmanship – in short, a money clip worthy of bearing the William Henry brand.

Custom damascus, mokume, titanium, and other metals are fitted with inlays of fossil ivory, shell, hardwood, carbon fiber, and other materials – simply signature William Henry. Each inlay is punctuated by an inlaid gemstone in an 18K bezel.

Each clip is machined and polished from tempered stainless steel, with a beautiful engraving bright cut against the matte-finished background. Multiple micro-torx screws and custom spacers join the clip to the body, where our exclusive range of exotic alloys and natural materials are on proud display.

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