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Why We're Different

Donnie Thompson 1970's

Everyone in the national jewelry industry shakes their head at Windsor in Augusta, Georgia.
Why? Because for the sake of logic, we're really not supposed to be here. Augusta is the 116th-largest city in the United States, yet Windsor is said to rank in the top 5 largest independent jewelers in the United States. Every other major independent jewelry store resides in a larger metropolitan area.

"We're not just different. We are an anomaly."

We could give you more fluff and titles, but being an anomaly doesn’t really define why we're different, though it does set the stage for our point. You see, our wonderful CSRA (Central Savannah River Area) has the small town feel and Windsor is run like a family business - not some big cold corporation. We've had three generations of the Thompson family working under the same roof with the same level of customer care that took place in the days the doors swung open in the summer of 1975. With that being our foundation, you could say we do alot of things differently.

We price ourselves nationally in order to stay fair to our customers. We carry more inventory than any other independent jeweler in the United States because you can see a collection of 85,000 different pieces faster with your eyes than you can click product-by-product on a website.

We know that customer service can mean setting a diamond while the customer waits, staying later than we had planned or going an extra mile when a customer needs us the most. We believe that our customers are our community, our friends and our family - maintaining that trust as a jeweler in a small town is our absolute - top priority.

It's not that we've tried to be different, it's just that we've constantly try to set the bar higher for ourselves and our customers are the beneficiaries of the result. If you haven’t been to Windsor before, we ask that you stop by to browse, you don’t have to make a purchase to experience our store. If you’d rather browse the size of our selection click here for the virtual tour.

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