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About Us

A jewelry place covering two full floors.
Ever visit one? We thought so. Welcome to Windsor Fine Jewelers.

Your imagining of two floors of stunning things is important. Without that picture in your head most of what we're about to share with you will read like outrageous puffery. But folks around this part of Georgia and South Carolina will tell you…it's all true.

Imagine two floors of showcases bristling with the crème de la crème of the jewelry world, the supreme achievement of more than a thousand suppliers, including house-hold names like John Hardy, David Yurman, Mikimoto, TAG Heuer, Rolex and many more. All side-by-side with the up-and-comers: design genius we've searched for and found in exotic, unexpected places, and brought here for you.

Searching for the timepiece of a lifetime? A dozen world class names line one entire first floor wall, each with a great story that suddenly includes you. We've even commissioned our own private label timepieces, combining the best of all watch worlds: precision parts of Swiss manufacture assembled entirely in America.

Part of being a regional jewelry center includes offering a staff of repair/restore/custom craftsmen highly skilled at keeping the precious pieces of your life looking and performing like the day they became yours.

That's probably why folks come from significant distances to see that the things they hold dear are in the best of hands, and are rewarded by being handed back a treasured piece that's essentially starting life anew.

Having set this brick-and-mortar standard, would windsorfinejewelers.com be any different? Windsor's website is the pride of the building, the standard by which other e-commerce jewelry sites are judged, offering a dizzying array of quality product at super-competitive pricing. Simple-to-understand teaching tools, too, all capped by rapid fulfillment, direct to your door. And if you locate a favorite brand but miss a piece you don't see on the site, we may still have it in stock. Give us a poke! We're on it!

Hard to imagine all of this began in 1975 with the dream of legacy jeweler Donnie Thompson and four showcases in Augusta's National Hills Shopping Center. In nearly 40 years Windsor has occupied three different buildings without moving more than 300 feet.

As customer demand outgrew the original four showcases, Windsor relocated across the center to a freshly abandoned bank branch building, where business continued to swell through 1997. As early as 1996 Mr. Thompson had envisioned a two-story mega-store that soon broke ground and opened to great fanfare in 1998.

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Along the way, the Windsor story included re-investing in more of everything. More brands. More tops-in-the-industry staff. More ways of doing all the little jewelry things other places didn't want to be bothered with.

And…being able to show you more than 7,000 engagement/anniversary rings. If you could use a little help in picturing that, imagine a first floor showcase running 52 linear feet and 18 inches deep. All rings. We know of no one else in the industry who can make that claim.

And yet, more important than earning the right to shout that from the rooftop is the simple satisfaction of knowing, by sheer numbers alone, you WILL find what absolutely delights you…here.

Here, at the jewelry pride of the South…Windsor Fine Jewelers.