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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable and exciting life events in anyone’s life. It symbolizes a lifelong commitment to your special someone and the start of a new adventure in life. The story of your engagement is one you’ll have to get used to telling. A big part of this ‘story’ will be the engagement ring you buy.

The first thing people will ask when you make the announcement is to SEE THE RING. For celebrities, always in the scrutinizing eye of the public, extravagance is an expected part of life. This includes being able to flaunt a magnificent engagement ring that dazzles the senses and draws favorable attention. With celebrity engagements being highly publicized, an unspoken battle to “one-up” others has emerged.

Celebs have increasingly upped the ante, buying some of the most expensive engagement rings on record for their loved one. Spending a fortune certainly doesn’t equate to a happy marriage, and you can find impressive engagement rings on virtually any budget. But its still fun to dream and ogle over these extravagances, perhaps even taking some inspiration for a more understated (yet similar) design for your own ring.



Topping our list is record-breaking artist Mariah Carey. Boasting the most expensive engagement ring to date, the rock on her finger is a heavy one, coming in at no less than 35 carats sporting an emerald-cut diamond designed by Wilfredo Rosado. Interestingly enough, although her wedding to James Packer was cancelled just a short 7-months post-proposal, she kept the engagement ring (who can blame her).


Leave it to Kim and Kanye to set the bar high. Clocking in as the second most expensive celebrity engagement ring to date, this ring was once a (not so humble) 15-carat cushion cut, D flawless diamond gifted to her by Kanye West. Later, Kanye had the ring upgraded to match the larger than life persona of Kim, bringing its value up to $8.5 million. Unfortunately, the now 20-carat ring, designed and crafted by Lorraine Schwartz was stolen in Paris.


The famous Krupp diamond, given to her in 1968 by none other than the late Richard Burton ranks as the third most expensive celeb engagement ring to date. Sporting 33 carats, VS1 quality, and D color, this ring was made to impress. Featuring an Asscher cut, the ring was sold as part of Elizabeth Taylor’s estate in 2011 for a sum of $8.8 million.


A favorite among celebs, this ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Featuring an emerald cut diamond, the ring’s gem comes in at 18-carats with a price tag of $5 million. Given to her by now-husband Jay-Z, the ring has served her well.


Paris was the lucky recipient of a 24-carat engagement ring valued at $4.7 million. This engagement ring was given to her by Paris Latsis, and although they later separated, the ring ended up doing some good. The proceeds from its auctioned sale were used to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina.


Jenny from the block got herself a markedly rare and impressively beautiful 8.5 carat blue diamond ring from Marc Anthony. Whether intentional or not this ring came in 2.5 carats bigger than the pink 6 carat diamond engagement ring she had previously received from Ben Affleck.


Elegantly surrounded by two baguettes, this 10.47 carat emerald cut diamond ring was given to Grace Kelly by Prince Rainier II of Monaco.


Larger than life NBA superstar Kobe Bryant proposed to is then fiancé Vanessa with an 8 carat engagement ring valued at $4 million.


Who could say ‘no’ to a Harry Winston Diamond featuring a Marquise cut and featuring a 40.42 carat gem? Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ engagement ring, given to her by Aristotle ranks as the third-largest gem cut from the famous 601 carat Lesotho ‘rough’ diamond.


It is thought that the love between the Duchess and King Edward led him to relinquish his throne in order to marry her. The engagement was marked by a 19-carat emerald ring eventually sold at auction for a generous $1.98 million at Sotheby’s. Expensive Isn’t Always ‘Better’: get a celebrity-inspired engagement ring on a realistic budget At Windsor Fine Jewelers we help transform engagement ring ideas into reality. You can visit us at 2635 Washington Road, Augusta, GA 30904 or call (706) 738-7777.

Although you might not be able to afford a ring worth millions, we can help you find rings inspired by or resembling the style, cut and layout of your favorite celeb engagement rings. Did we mention we also can customize a ring to fit your personal style or ideas? Call or message today to learn more.

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